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பதிவுற்ற நாள் 25 May 2018 |

May 25, 2018, Singapore.

Dear sir,

We are part of ThaniThamizhIyakkam, which is started by “Maraimalai Adigal” Since 1916; He is Father of ThaniThamizhIyakkam. At present we are promoting ThaniThamizh (Pure Tamil movement Tanittamil Iyakkam) in 21’st century through out world by the way of Internet.

Our current task is making Tamil DayTime divisions (SiruPoluthukal) into practical tamil world; so that we are drafting this mail to you. At present the Tamil media following western based timing announcements; But Tamil Oldest culture and well structured literature has DayTime divisions itself.

So we requesting Tamil media around the world that “We will use/promote Tamil SiruPoluthukal in their announcements as following table”. Some of media already started use this request and promote SiruPoluthukal in their media around world. We request you if possible follow Tamil SiruPoluthukal.

வஎண் பொ.பிரிவு ஆரம்பம் முடிவு
1 வைகறை 02hrs 06hrs
2 காலை 06hrs 10hrs
3 நண்பகல் 10hrs 14hrs
4 எற்பாடு 14hrs 18hrs
5 மாலை 18hrs 22hrs
6 யாமம் 22hrs 02hrs


by, Designers of தனித்தமிழகராதிக்களஞ்சியம்

Note: If this request is irrelevant to you, Kindly ignore this.